Friday, September 26, 2008

JMP - Alyssa and Don

Another crazy beautiful wedding with Jasen. ...this time in the gorgeous town of Cambria!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mt. Whitney

What an amazing trip! The two pictures below were taken the night before we hit the trail. Mt. Whitney it the third peak from the left... and a long long way to go!

That bright burst in the middle, that's not a sunrise or a sunset, but rather the moon. We lucked out to have a full moon for the entire trip! After a few pictures and a quick walk to the Whitney Portal store it's off the tent for a terrible night of sleep without a pillow. I really, really missed my pillow :(

...and we're off!! Here is the group at the trail head, Whitney Portal, way too early in the morning. It was the start of a quite challenging, both mentally and physically, adventure. Pictured from left: Jasen, Jason, Bryan, Jack, Steve, Me.

Mt. Whitney is not actually in this picture but this was the last sign of any tree life we were going to see for the rest of the hike until the way down. There was nothing but granite boulders beneath our feet from here on. The sky's were just amazing the entire day.

After we finally made it up to the camp and got our tents up, it wasn't much longer the wind picked up and it started snowing. It got REALLY cold that night! A lot colder than anybody was expecting from the weather reports.

After probably the worst night of sleep I have ever had we woke up, had a little breakfast and started our final journey to the top. The moon was ridiculous bright and with the clouds and reflections off the rocks and mountains it was something not many people get to see in their lifetime. Quite beautiful to say the least!

The sun gave off a warm glow shortly after sunrise on the rocks and I happened to get a quick shot of Jasen and Jason before they booked it to the top.

Finally reaching trail crest we could see as far West as the clouds would let us. It sure made for an awesome picture opportunity!

The backside of the trail was pretty gnarly with one side practically a sheer face of granite boulders. The summit is now within reach in the far background!

Finally we made it to the top! It was freezing cold combined with the clouds and wind so we didn't stay long but it was an amazing 360 degree view as far as your eye could see.

Mt. Whitney... conquered!

Here is a 3-image panoramic picture from the peak looking East toward the town of Lone Pine and trail camp. The clouds cleared just a few minutes for us at the top to get a few good pictures so we lucked out. You can actually see the clouds on the top left and top right of the picture starting to roll back in as I got the shot.

Jasen posted an AWESOME video blog on his experience of the trip and is definately worth a watch. It's a little over 20 minutes long so sit back and enjoy! So what's next... I'm not sure but I'll keep you informed of my next big adventure!

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! - John Muir

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm off... conquer Mt. Whitney! I'll give you an update on how the trip went when I get back! Wish us luck!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I would have to say that for Roze being REALLY camera shy and for this being her first time in front of the lens EVER, that these came out pretty awesome! The location turned out to be everything I was hoping and really incorporated into the shoot well.

I talked with the owner of the property earlier that day to get permission to shoot there and when I asked how long she had lived there, she replied over 98 yrs! ...did I mention she was out in the 100+ degree heat picking up trash off the side of the road!!!! Yeah, no joke. Anyways I though that was really cool and I would share.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brodie and Taz

Taz and Brodie have become quite good friends since we adopted him. IUsually when I break the camera out they stop playing and attack me but I actually got some action shots! I thought they were pretty funny so I will share. He's over 20 lbs now!! ...he's getting soo big already!! Enjoy.