Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW BlogSite!

I finally have my new BlogSite up and running! I will no longer be posting to this blog so be sure to update your RSS feed or e-mail subscription by subscribing on the new BlogSite. I'll see you over there!!

Check it out at:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kaitlin '09

I've been a real fan of shooting downtown lately so Kaitlin and I decided to rock it like it's hot. You know what's so good about shooting downtown... I always end up running into new crazy people walking around. If you havn't been able to visit your local back alley yet, I recommend it for educational purposes, haha. Enjoy!

Ambeer '09

...and here is my beautiful cousin Ambeer graduating from Clovis High this year. We also took advantage of the beautiful orchards last weekend! They sure do make fore some great pics, don't they? Please enjoy!

I couldn't help but take a pic of my Uncle Gene and his Corvette when we were there. I thought I would share. It was s fun ride back home :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jerry and Alysha

Now I present to you the best man and bridesmaid in our wedding, Jerry and Alysha Jones. They decided that it was time to take advantage of the beautiful blossoming trees right now and I couldn't agree more. We even managed to get a few with their little pup Sheldon before he went all buck wild crazy puppy as he usually does. They tell me he's not that hyper all the time but I'm not soo sure that I believe them :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alexandra '09

Yesterday Alex, her mom Lori and I met up at the gorgeous Belmont Country Club to shoot her senior pictures. We got to drive around in a golf cart and take pictures wherever we wanted. We almost lost Lori a few times after Alex hit the pedal before she got on... woops! May you know that no squirrels nor golfers were harmed in the making of these images. I was absolutely loving the light yesterday evening so I shot almost everything with the sun in my face which made me half blind 3/4 the way through the shoot, haha. I was definately seeing sun spots. She'll be moving on to my Alma Mater Fresno State (Go Dogs!) this fall and I wish her the best of luck! Rock on Alex, you were a natural!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snowboard Collaboration Video

Alright so here is the video that my cousin Jared and I put together from the snowboard/ski shoot a few weeks back. It gives a kind of behind the scenes look at how the shoot went down up in Shaver Lake. I think it turned out pretty sweet for the first time ever doing something like this. You should see it on DVD, it's POPS! ...but for now I guess you have to watch it from YouTube :) Let me know what you think.